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Office Furniture Needed By Company

The Office Furniture needed by a Company :
Reception Area
When enter the company's Reception area, usually there is a Reception / Service Counter (referred to as the Front Desk). The purpose of this table is to welcome your guests. Most of the times, the Front Desk employees are the one who assist customers by transferring the incoming call to the right person/department (Such as purchasing department, accounting department, sales department, technical department and so on). Therefore, the furniture such as Reception Counter, Office Chairs, Filing Cabinets, Sofas and Display Cabinets in the reception area is an addition to the Front Desk. This allows customers to understand more on the company's history and future vision.
General Working Area
When we enter the working area, it is the Staff Desk. Most companies choose Table with Open Plan Workstation Partition, it's either a small Desking Panel or Full Fabric Partition/ Half Glass Partition/ Half Polycarbonate Partition, the Open Plan Workstation Partitions works as separator in between employees, meanwhile the staff are working in a group and same working space. Open Plan Workstation Partition can be customized as Cluster of 4 workstation, Cluster of 6 workstation, Cluster of 8 workstation or an L-shaped table workstation partition as Cluster of 2 workstation, Cluster of 4 workstation or more  (Open Concept Workstation, Open Plan Partition, Cubicle Workstation, Full Panel Workstation). It can be combined according to the needs of the team. As an addition, the staff needs Mobile Pedestal Drawer 3D, 2D1F (Drawers), for employees to store personal items, and keep tidiness of the desk. 
Other optional item can have in the office are as follows:- Office Chair, Office Mesh Chair, Office Fabric Chair, Office High Back Chair, Office Medium Back Chair, Office Low Back Chair, Wooden Swing Door Cabinet, Wooden Sliding Door Cabinet, Open Shelf Wooden Cabinet, Mobile Steel Compactor, Steel Filing Cabinet, Steel Swing Door Cupboard, Steel Sliding Door Cupboard.
Manager Room (Management Office) 
Some Manager needs only Rectangular Tables, while some needs a L-shaped Tables. When we choose Furnitures, we need to consider the room space available, the size of furniture chosen will determine the walkway of the room too. The right furniture chosen leads the comfortablity and creates a great environment for the owner of the room. For meeting clients or subordinates to have short discussion in the room, there must be two office visitor chairs / low back chair in the room. You can choose the furniture from our range of Manager Table, Executive Table, Office Executive Chairs, Office Ergonomic Mesh Chairs, Office Sofa. And Safety Box is for them to keep the important document or daily cash in hand.
The Director Room (the President’s / CEO room),
Some Director needs an executive desk, with mahogany solid wood surfaces and a complete set of file cabinets, which shows temperament, noble, luxurious, with Genuine Cow Leather Director Chair. Young Director may needs simple, open-style, Ergonomic Office Chairs, and consider color matching to keep up with the trend or personal preference. Usually it need to be with 2 visitor chairs and sofas. The range for Director Furniture are in Director Table, Director Chair, Wooden Director Chair.

The furniture in Conference Room(Grand Meeting Board Room)
Is straight forward. You can just follow the overall design to choose the right furniture for meeting room. A formal or Grand Meeting Table should not be neglected whenever discussion/meeting held for major projects. Modern design conference table can be a choice too. The Conference Table can be in the group of Grand Conference Table, Customized Conference Table, Meeting Table and Discussion Table. while the most common meeting table is the simple and ready-made conference table. For the choice of chairs, you can get noble and luxurious Genuine Leather Director Chair or Wooden Director Chair. It shows we are serious in the job or project. You can always choose our artificial body design Ergonomic Mesh Chair which looks fashionable and young, keep up with the trend and yet simple and nice.
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